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About us

Hangzhou Ruiqi Electronic Co., Ltd. is a Joint-venture company specializing in the manufacturing and encapsulation of SMD electronic component and Carrier Tape. We now produce 8mm-88mm of Carrier tapes, which can be used in the packing, carrying and transportation of quartz oscillator, connector, electric wave filter, inductor, pasting resistance, capacitor, transformer, coil, switch and SMT surfacepasting component. The size is accurate, and the quality is excellent.

There are experienced technicians and complete equipment inside Ruiqi, including Carrier Tape forming machine of SMD component, computer tensile tester and digital display profile tester. Ruiqi does care about the research and development of new products, we now have had an experienced technical team to design and make the production under the standard of EIA481. Moreover, we have set up complete QC and environment system and got the certificates of ISO9001:2000 quality system and ISO14001:1996 environment system. We aim for meeting your demands with professional , efficient and excellent service.

Ruiqi has been highly appraised and trusted by lots of factories and traders for its efficient work, quality product , excellent service and good environmental idea. We sincerely welcome your visit and cooperation. .